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Children holding and wearing crafts outside


BEFORE AND AFTER CAMP (1st–10th Grade)


Open to all participants enrolled in Camp Day By Day and Teen Camp. Children will participate in games and activities. Pre-registration is required. No Camp July 4th. Before Camp Recreation is located in the Bartlett Community Center Gym.

Daily Fee Resident/Regular: $7/$8
Weekly Discounted Rate Resident/Regular: $28/$40
Holiday Week Rate Resident/Regular: $22/$32

ID# Date Day Fee Res/Reg
20564-G1 July 15 M $7/$8
20564-G2 July 16 Tu $7/$8
20564-G3 July 17 W $7/$8
20564-G4 July 18 Th $7/$8
20564-G5 July 19 F $7/$8
20564-G6 July 15-19 M-F $28/$40
20564-H1 July 22 M $7/$8
20564-H2 July 23 Tu $7/$8
20564-H3 July 24 W $7/$8
20564-H4 July 25 Th $7/$8
20564-H5 July 26 F $7/$8
20564-H6 July 22-26 M-F $28/$40
20564-I1 July 29 M $7/$8
20564-I2 July 30 Tu $7/$8
20564-I3 July 31 W $7/$8
20564-I4 Aug. 1 Th $7/$8
20564-I5 Aug. 2 F $7/$8
20564-I6 July 29-Aug. 2 M-F $28/$40


Open to all participants enrolled in Camp Day By Day and Sports Camp. Children will participate in games and activities. Please send a snack and water bottle with your camper. Pre-registration is required. No Camp July 4th. After Camp Recreation is located in the Bartlett Community Center Preschool Wing and utilizes the Community Center Gym when it is available.

Daily Fee Resident/Regular: $15/$16
Weekly Discounted Rate Resident/Regular: $56/$76
Holiday Week Rate Resident/Regular: $46/$65

ID# Date Day Fee Res/Reg
20562-F5 July 12 F $15/$16
20562-F6 July 8-12 M-F $56/$76
20562-G1 July 15 M $15/$16
20562-G2 July 16 Tu $15/$16
20562-G3 July 17 W $15/$16
20562-G4 July 18 Th $15/$16
20562-G5 July 19 F $15/$16
20562-G6 July 15-19 M-F $56/$76
20562-H1 July 22 M $15/$16
20562-H2 July 23 Tu $15/$16
20562-H3 July 24 W $15/$16
20562-H4 July 25 Th $15/$16
20562-H5 July 26 F $15/$16
20562-H6 July 22-26 M-F $56/$76
20562-I1 July 29 M $15/$16
20562-I2 July 30 Tu $15/$16
20562-I3 July 31 W $15/$16
20562-I4 Aug. 1 Th $15/$16
20562-I5 Aug. 2 F $15/$16
20562-I6 July 29-Aug. 2 M-F $56/$76

Emergency Form
Required Medication Forms

CAMP DAY BY DAY (1st – 6th Grade)

Camp Day by Day 8:30AM-3:30PM

Customize your child’s summer camp experience! You can register for camp by the day or the week. Campers will learn new games, make unique craft projects and meet new friends. This camp will go swimming at the Bartlett Aquatic Center daily (weather permitting). Campers complete a water safety test and utilize the buddy system at the pool. There is one scheduled field trip each week, trips are listed below. Camp information and activities will vary daily. The registration deadline is 12noon the day before each scheduled field trip day. A camp T-shirt is included in the registration fee for campers participating in field trips. Before Camp Recreation is available from 7:30-8:30am and After Camp Recreation is available from 3:30-5:30pm. Advance registration is required.

Day by Day Camp is for children entering 1st-6th grade. Camp drop off and pick up is in the Bartlett Community Center Preschool Wing.

Daily Registration Resident/Regular: $39/$43
Field Trip Daily Registration: Resident/Regular: $42/$46
Time: 8:30am-3:30pm

Electronic Funds Transfer Form for Summer Camp

ID# Date Day Fee Res/Reg Field Trip
20561-G1 July 15 M $39/$43
20561-G2 July 16 Tu $39/$43
20561-G3 July 17 W $39/$43
20561-G4 July 18 Th $42/$46 Vertical Endeavors
20561-G5 July 19 F $39/$43
20561-G6 July 15-19 M-F $159/$180
20561-H1 July 22 M $39/$43
20561-H2 July 23 Tu $39/$43
20561-H3 July 24 W $39/$43
20561-H4 July 25 Th $42/$46 Rainbow Falls
20561-H5 July 26 F $39/$43
20561-H6 July 22-26 M-F $159/$180
20561-I1 July 29 M $39/$43
20561-I2 July 30 Tu $39/$43
20561-I3 July 31 W $39/$43
20561-I4 Aug. 1 Th $42/$46 Brunswick Zone
20561-I5 Aug. 2 F $39/$43
20561-I6 July 29-Aug. 2 M-F $159/$180

Emergency Form
Required Medication Forms

Summer Camps

Summer camp is held for preschoolers, elementary, and middle school students. A new adventure begins each day with hands-on activities, games, crafts and more in an outdoor environment. Once you are registered, please fill out the emergency form and bring it on the first day of camp.

2019 Summer Camp Flyer
2019 Jr. Naturalist Flyer

Registration for Summer Camp 

2 year old camp

3-4 year old camp – Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

5-6 year old camp-1/2 day

5-6 year old camp- Full Day

7-9 year old camp – Full Day

10-13 year old camp – Full Day

Fun Keeps Going Camp

Before and After Camp Care

Boxed Lunch Order Sheet

Parent Letter

Emergency Form

Required Medication Forms

Specialty Camps

Camps are held throughout the school year during school days off and include a variety of ages and encompass outdoor activities.

Emergency Form

School Day Off Camp (K–6th Grade)

Enjoy your school day off at the Bartlett Community Center. Camp will include gym time, board games, card games, arts and crafts, movies, and swimming at Splash Central. Be sure to register early as a decision on camp will be made five days prior to the start date. Camp Drop off takes place in the Bartlett Community Center Gymnasium with pick up in the Arts and Crafts Room.

Camp Emergency Form
(Must be turned in at the time of dropping off your child/children for the first time)

ID# Date Day Time Fee (Res/Reg)
30561-01 Dec. 23, 26 & 27 M, Th, F 8am-3pm $88/$98
30561-02 Dec. 23 M 8am-3pm $33/$43
30561-03 Dec. 26 Th 8am-3pm $33/$43
30561-04 Dec. 27 F 8am-3pm $33/$43
30561-05 Dec. 30, Jan. 2 & 3 M, Th, F 8am-3pm $88/$98
30561-06 Dec. 30 M 8am-3pm $33/$43
30561-07 Jan. 2 Th 8am-3pm $33/$43
30561-08 Jan. 3 F 8am-3pm $33/$43

School Day Off Trips (1st-5th Grade)

Take a field trip on your school day off with us. Each morning you will spend time in the gymnasium before heading out on a fun filled field trip. The day will conclude with swimming at Splash Central. Drop off takes place in the Bartlett Community Center Gymnasium with pick up in the Arts and Crafts Room.

ID # Trip Date Day Time Fee (Res/Reg)
30651-09 Lazer X Oct. 14 M 8am-3pm $45/$55
30651-10 Brunswick Zone Oct. 25 F 8am-3pm $45/$55

For more information contact Josh Handelsman at (630) 540-4843 or email Josh by clicking this link

SPORTS CAMP (1st–8th Grade)

This summer camp features indoor and outdoor athletic activities. The camp emphasizes teamwork, sportsmanship, and of course fun, through involvement in many activities including, sports instruction, games and scrimmages in soccer, basketball, floor hockey, football, dodgeball and more. Fun team and playground games will also be played, and campers will swim daily at Bartlett Aquatic Center (weather pending). Also included is a field trip to a sport related event or activity, including but not limited to water parks, bowling, Laser Tag, and an indoor trampoline park. Participants will be divided into age-specific groups for specific activities throughout the day. A camp T-shirt is also included in the fee. This is the perfect camp for the sports enthusiast, and it’s sure to keep your camper active the whole day. All campers are swim tested, and wrist banded appropriately (based on ability to swim one length of the pool). The buddy system is also used.

This camp is available for those entering grades 1st-8th.  Drop off takes place at Donald H. Schrade Gymnasium. Pick up takes place at Bartlett Aquatic Center. After Camp Recreation is also available from 3:30-5:30pm.

ID# Date Time Fee (Res/Reg) Field Trip (Wednesday)
20223-06 July 8-12 8:30am-3:30pm $159/$180 Epic Air
20223-07 July 15-19 8:30am-3:30pm $159/$180 Otter Cove
20223-08 July 22-26 8:30am-3:30pm $159/$180 Lazer X
20223-09 July 29-Aug. 2 8:30am-3:30pm $159/$180 Main Event

*No camp July 4

Camp Emergency Form
Required Medication Forms
Electronic Funds Transfer Payment Plan Request and Agreement for Summer Camps

TEEN CAMP (Entering 7th–10th Grade)

Teen camp is an opportunity for your teen to stay busy over summer break while engaging in the community through service projects. Teen camp meets twice a week and consists of a weekly field trip and a local service project. Teens will meet at the Bartlett Community Center and will depart by 10am on the Park District bus for their daily activity. When time allows, participants will swim at Bartlett Aquatic Center upon returning to the Community Center. Campers should bring a sack lunch, water bottle, sunscreen & bug spray daily. Weekly communication will include details pertaining to each field trip & service project. A camp T-shirt is included in the registration fee.

Teen Camp is offered to youth entering 7th-10th grade. 

Location: Drop off/Pick up in BPD Preschool Wing, this is a traveling camp
Time: 8:30am-3:30pm

ID# Date Field Trip/Service Project Fee Res/Reg
20560-06 July 16 & 18 TBD & Phil’s Friends $100/$115
20560-07 July 23 & 25 The Room Upstairs (Escape Room) & Northern Il. Food Bank $100/$115
20560-08 July 30 & Aug. 1 Centennial Beach & Victory Centre $100/$115

Field Trips and Service Projects are subject to change due to enrollment and weather. 

Emergency Form
Required Medication Forms

TINY TYKES (Ages 3–5)

This camp is designed to introduce young children to the camp experience. Children will play games and participate in craft projects as well as structured playtime both inside and outdoors. This camp does not go swimming but occasionally play water related games and/or visits the Bartlett Aquatic Center Splash Pad. Children will learn the importance of sharing, listening and cooperation. Children must be toilet independent. Swimsuit and towel do not need to be brought daily; only when the counselors request it. Campers do not need to bring a lunch, only a snack.

Age: 3-5 by first day of camp
Time: 8:30am-12pm
Location: Bartlett Community Center Preschool Wing

ID# Date Day Fee Res/Reg
20256-07 July 15-19 M/W/F $65/$75
20256-08 July 22-26 M/W/F $65/$75
20256-09 July 29-Aug. 2 M/W/F $65/$75

Emergency Form
Required Medication Forms

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