<strong>123 Jacaranda Dr.</strong> <strong>1375 W. Bartlett Rd.</strong> <strong>701 Schick Road</strong> <strong>1899 Westridge Blvd.</strong> <strong>111 W. North Ave.</strong> <strong>321 N. Oak Ave.</strong> <strong>285 Mayflower Ln.</strong> <strong>1025 Sycamore Ln.</strong> <strong>234 E. Stearns Rd.</strong><br><em>Centennial Park is located next to Centennial Elementary School.</em> <strong>234 E. Stearns Rd.</strong><br><em>Centennial Park is located next to Centennial Elementary School.</em> <strong>451 Spaulding Road, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Windy Oaks Park is a 4.4 acre park located on Spaulding Road near Smoketree Lane in the Amber Grove Subdivision. <strong>875 Francine Drive, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Marianne Cordell Park is a 7.3 acre park located on Francine Drive between Pipers Drive and Gingerbrook.  Street parking only. <strong>768 Crab Tree Lane, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Walnut Corner is located at the intersection of Red Oak Drive and Route 59 in the Walnut Hills subdivision. <strong>1401 W. Lake Street, Bartlett, IL</strong><br><br>Villa Olivia is located at 1401 W. Lake Street. The property includes an 18 Hole, Par 73 golf course, full restaurant and banquet facility for parties up to 300 people, and a winter recreational playground with tubing, skiing, and snowboarding. A major renovation was completed in 2012 including the banquet facilities and kitchen and a new ski lodge. <strong>2015 Westridge Boulevard, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Valley View Park is a 25 acre park located at the intersections of Westridge Blvd. and Cedarfield Drive in Westridge Subdivision. This park gives opportunity for great wildlife viewing as it has a large natural area that is adjacent to the James <strong>970 Longford Drive, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Trails End Park is a 19.2 acre park located between Longford Road and Millwood Lane. This park features a full size baseball field with a walking path through the park. <strong>850 Tallgrass Drive, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Tallgrass Park is a seven acre park located located at the intersections of Tallgrass Drive and Millwood Drive in the Tallgrass subdivision. The bike/walking path that enters on South Bartlett Road runs behind this park and continues through to Ruzicka Field. <strong>901 W. Struckman Boulevard, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Sunset Park is a 13 acre park located on the south side of Struckman Blvd. between Appletree Lane and Rose Court. <strong>900 W. Struckman Boulevard, Bartlett</strong> <strong>900 W. Struckman Boulevard, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Sunrise Park is one of the largest parks in Bartlett with 43 acres of rolling hills, pathways, wooded areas, disc golf and beautiful pond. The park is located between Foster Ave. on the north and Struckman Blvd. on the south, just east of Rt. 59. Each spring the boy scouts hold a fishing derby at the pond and in the fall the entire park is used as Bartlett High School's site for cross country meets. <strong>600 W. Struckman Boulevard, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Struckman Basin is located at the intersection of Struckman Blvd. and Morning Glory Lane. <strong>1600 Fairfax Lane, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Schrader Park is a 10.7 acre park on Fairfax Lane in the Fairfax subdivision. The wetland area has been planted with native plants and a variety of waterfowl and other wildlife can be seen there. <strong>300 E. Taylor Avenue, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Schoppe Park is an 11 acre park adjacent to Independence School on Taylor Lane and Crest Ave. <strong>400 Mayflower Lane, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Schick Park is a 5.2 acre park located at the intersections of Mayflower and Beacon Lane in the Silvercrest subdivision. <strong>650 Lambert Lane, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Riley's Run is located at the intersections of Lambert Lane and Thornbury Road in the Castle Creek Subdivision. <strong>197 Regency Drive, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Majestic Oaks Park is located on Regency Drive South of West Bartlett Road. <strong>250 Superior Circle, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Prairieview Park is an 11.8 acre park adjacent to Prairieview Elementary School on Superior Circle. A variety of waterfowl and other wildlife can be seen in the wetland area that is planted with native plants. <strong>600 Peregrine Parkway, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Peregrine Park is a 1.1 acre park located on Peregrine Parkway in the Eagle's Ridge subdivision. <strong>600 W. Devon Avenue, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Oak Grove Park is a 13 acre park located on W. Devon Ave. between Holly Drive and Bayberry Drive in the Oak Grove subdivision. This park has a six acre pond for fishing and a nice oak-hickory wooded area. <strong>750 Newport Boulevard, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Newport Park is a 3.1 acre park located on Newport Blvd. and Harbor Terrace. <strong>1905 Westridge Boulevard, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Nature Ridge Park is a 19 acre park located on Westridge Blvd. adjacent to Nature Ridge Elementary School in the Westridge subdivision. <strong>325 E. Devon Avenue, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Leiseberg Park is located at 325 E. Devon across from Bartlett Plaza. This 12 acre park is bordered on the east by the north branch of the DuPage River and on the north by the Bartlett bike path. <strong>366 Monarch Birch Court, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Kjar Park is a 5.6 acre park located at the intersections of Spaulding Road and Snow Drift Circle in the Amber Grove subdivision. The park was named after the Kjar family (Christian and Marie) who arrived from Denmark in the late 1880's and purchased 160 acres of land located on Naperville Road and north of West Bartlett Road for dairy and crop farming. Kjar Park rests on part of the original 160 acres. The park parcel was deeded to the Bartlett Park District in 1992. <strong>1025 W. Park Place Drive, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Kermit's Korner is a 1.6 acre park located on S. Park Place Drive in the Park Place West subdivision. <strong>1471 Woodland Hills Drive, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Huntington Meadows is a 3.2 acre park located at the intersections of Woodland Hills and Saddleridge Place in the Woodland Hills Subdivision. <strong>1301 E. Struckman Boulevard, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Humbracht Park is a 10.7 acre park located on Struckman Blvd. and Shawnee Circle in the Silvercrest subdivision. There is a wildlife viewing deck overlooking the 6 1/2 acre pond. It is a themed park with a train play feature and depot as well as a large playground feature. <strong>1371 Keenland Drive, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Hilltop Park is a seven acre park located at the intersection of Keenland Drive and Bay Meadows Drive in the Ridings East subdivision. <strong>638 Hamilton Court, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Hidden Oaks Park is a seven acre park located just west of Route 59 off of Sayer Road. Hidden Oaks Park is a remnant of an oak savanna situated on a gravel kame. Kames, hills of gravel left by the glaciers about 15,000 years ago, are not common in the county or the region. Most of this park is covered in mature bur oak trees and is maintained in a natural state. <strong>1482 Pleasant Drive, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Hawk View Park is 1/2 acre park located on Pleasant Drive off Schick Road in the Bartlett Reserve Subdivision. <strong>1451 Woodland Hills Drive, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Happy Trails Park is located in the Woodland Hills Subdivision at the intersections of Woodland Hills and Forest Preserve Drive. <strong>1520 Stearns Road, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Green Meadows Park is a 3.3 acre park located on Lynnfield Lane and Stearns Road just west of Rt. 59. <strong>2255 Southwind Boulevard, Bartlett</strong><br><br>The Glen A. Koehler Fields are located just south of West Bartlett Road on Route 25. These fields are a partnership of the Bartlett Park District, Village of Bartlett and Bartlett Little League. <strong>590 Ford Lane, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Firefighters Park is a two acre park in the Woods of Bartlett subdivision located on Ford Lane. It is a themed park with a fire engine play structure. A September 11th Memorial Tree and plaque are located within this park. <strong>1101 Woodland Hills Drive, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Fairview Park is a four acre park located in Woodland Hills subdivision at the intersection of Woodland Hills Drive and Woodland Hills Parkway. <strong>178 Fieldcrest Drive, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Coyote Junction is located at Fieldcrest Drive and Weston Court in the Bartlett Pointe Subdivision. This park links via an asphalt trail to the Glen A. Koehler Fields. <strong>2090 Camden Lane, Hanover Park</strong><br><br>Camelot On Mayfair is a 6.3 acre park located on Camden Lane in Hanover Park. The castle-themed playground is great for kids. <strong350 Blue Heron Way, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Blue Heron Park is a 6 acre park located on Blue Heron Way in the Heron's Landing Subdivision. <strong>994 W. Stearns Road, Bartlett</strong><br><br>Beaver Pond is a 21 acre park located on Stearns Road just east of Rt. 59. The park has an 11 acre stocked fishing pond that is the site of the Park District's popular youth fishing derby every August. <strong>620 W. Stearns Road, Bartlett – adjacent to Bartlett Aquatic Center</strong><br><br>Our 10,000 square foot skate park contains ramps, ledges, rails, a beef box/pyramid and more. Bartlett Skate Park (BSP) is open during daylight hours 8am-dusk and closed during inclement weather and/or when equipment is damaged or wet. The facility is free to the public and unsupervised. BSP is limited to skateboarders and in-line skaters; no bikes or scooters. <strong>102 N. Eastern</strong><br><br>Bartlett Park is a beautiful four acre park with mature oak and hickory trees located just north of downtown at the intersection of Oak Avenue and North Avenue. <strong>At the James Pate Philip State Park<br>
2054 W. Stearns Road </strong><br>847-608-3100<br>The goal of the Nature Center is to encourage children to participate in the preservation of our natural areas and the animals that live within them through hands-on projects, games and activities. Offsite programs can be scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Programs are available for schools, home schoolers, scouting groups, child care centers, private parties and churches. We will set up the program or assembly to meet the needs of specific programs or themes. Programs may include hands-on projects, a wide variety of collections from nature, games, activities and interaction with live animals. The Nature Center is a facility of the Bartlett Park District. <strong>700 S. Bartlett Road</strong><br>630-540-4800<br><br>The Bartlett Community Center offers recreational, educational, fitness/health, and cultural experiences for all ages. The facility contains a six room preschool/early childhood education wing, triple gymnasium, running track, two racquetball courts, aquatic center with leisure, lap, and whirl pool, a health and fitness club, fitness studio, dance studio, banquet/multipurpose room area with raised stage, senior activity room, arts and crafts room, child care room, and more! <strong>1048 Auburn Ln.</strong><br><br>Auburn Hills Park is a 1 acre park located at Auburn Lane and Norfolk Ave. in the Bartlett Station Subdivision. <strong>696 W. Stearns Rd. & 700 S. Bartlett Rd.</strong><br><br>Apple Orchard Community Park is a 77 acre park located at 620 W. Stearns Road. You may use the entrance located off of Stearns Road or access the park from S. Bartlett Road at the Piper Road intersection. <strong>620 W. Stearns Rd.</strong><br>630-372-POOL (7665)<br>Barracuda Swim Team Hotline 630-540-4911<br><br>The Bartlett Aquatic Center is a zero depth aquatic facility with one 18-foot water slide, one sand castle water slide, a large sand play area, two sand volleyball courts, a rain drop spray feature, a sun hill for leisure enjoyment, and concessions stand. <strong>696 W. Stearns Road.</strong><br><br>Apple Orchard Community Park is a 43 acre park located at 696 W. Stearns Road 3/4 mile east of Rt. 59. <strong>856 Foster Ave.</strong><br><br>Apple Orchard Greenway is an eight acre park located on Foster Avenue just west of Cuyahoga Drive. This linear park is used as open space. <strong>1185 Ancient Oaks Dr.</strong><br><br>Ancient Oaks is a 3.5 acre park located at Struckman Blvd. and Ancient Oaks Drive in the Charter Oaks subdivision.